Lubritene – Rope Shovel & Haul Truck

LUBRENE MULTI-SERV OGL / OGL-H is a multi-service open gear lubricant that does the job long after others have failed. The unique in situ solvent free thickening system forms a tenacious film which resists wiping and breakdown.

BIO-SERV OGL is a readily biodegradable multi-service open gear lubricant.

LUBRENE EMV-2 Mineral base grease with lithium soap, EP additives and Molybdenum Disulfide.

LUBRENE LMG-960 EP Grease with semi-synthetic base oil, EP additives and solid lubricants.

LUBRENE LMG-500-EP0 Grease with semi-synthetic base oil EP additives and solid lubricants. It is specially designed for centralized lubrication systems as found in off-highway equipment.

LUBRENE LX5M -500-EP2 Grease with semi-synthetic base oil EP additives and solid lubricant.

LUBRENE LHD is manufactured from a mixture of selected mineral oils, sodium soap and solid lubricants and are suitable for the lubrication of plain trunnion bearings under conditions of high load and slow speeds.

LUBRENE ANTI-LEAK GEAR OIL is manufactured using a unique grease thickener system, which reduces in consistency when the product is subjected to mechanical shear, such as in the meshing teeth of a gear set. This property provides users with many outstanding lubrication features. Excellent for gear, bearing and seal lubrication.

LUBRENE LiM 450 EP2 is well suited to lubrication of slow speed anti-friction bearings, pin and bushes, universal joints, axles, etc. It is specially designed for the Mining Industry, lifts, transportation and wherever it is required for efficient protection against dust and water contamination.

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