Lubritene – Gear Oils

Lubrene Anti Leak Gear Oil is manufactured using a unique grease thickener system, which reduces in consistency when the product is subjected to mechanical shear, such as in the meshing teeth of a gear set. This property provides users with many outstanding lubrication features. Excellent for gear, bearing and seal lubrication.

Lubrene Super Series Gear Oils have been formulated to give unsurpassed performance in industrial machinery.

Lubrene GO 1000 SYN is a synthetic high temperature gear oil.

Lubrene SYN 1500 Gear Oil was developed specifically for dragline gearboxes. The oil is bitumen free and fortified with synthetic polymer to enhance viscosity temperature properties.

LUBRENE Synthetic PAG are gear lubricants designed for use in enclosed gearboxes, particularly worm drives

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