Linatex (Z) Ltd was opened in 1994 as a Division of Lusanga Technical Services(Z) Ltd, until it’s own conception in 1996. This was to keep in line with the international image of the Linatex Brand. Since the inception of Linatex into the Zambian Market,Linatex(Z) Ltd has completed and maintained varoius rubberlining and supply contracts at almost all of the Major Mining Houses in Zambia.

Product range – Rubber Sheet & Application


  • Linatex Natural Rubber (40 Shore Hardness)
  • Linard Natural Rubber (60 Shore Hardness)
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Butyl Rubber
  • General Purpose Rubber

For abrasion resistance of wear and corrosion of:

  • Chutes
  •  Pipe Lining
  • Flexible Bends
  • Vessel / Tank Lining
  • Launders
  • Mill Linings


Process Equipment:

  •          Genesis Cyclones and Hard Metal Cyclones
  •          Sizing, Dewatering and Rotary Screens
  •          Banana and Horizontal Screens
  •          Linapump lllr Slurry Pumps
  •          Performance Rubber Pump Parts to fit Envirotech Hydroseal and Centraseal Pumps
  •          Jaco Pinch Valves
  •           Knife Gate Valves
  •           Jaco Valves


  •          Pulley Lagging in-situ
  •          Cold Splicing of Conveyor Belts In-situ (On site)
  •          Rubber Lining of Vessels, Chutes and Valves In-situ
  •          Rubber lining of launders, mills and feed boxes
  •          Spark Testing and Pull Testing
  •          Installation and commissioning of Linatex process equipment
  •          Autoclave Shop Chingola – Steam curing of rubber lined pipes, chutes and valves ect. (September/October 2010)
  •          On site offices and teams of trained personnel



 Lusanga /Linatex Zambia have conducted rubber lining and supply contracts at the following locations:

 Konkola Copper Mines

  • Nchanga East and West Mill – Chingola
  • Nchanga Tailings Leach Plant – Chingola
  • Konkola 3 Shaft
  • Konkola Old and New Concentrator

Mopani Copper Mines

  • Nkana Cobalt Plant
  • Nkana Mindola Shaft
  • Nkana Concentrator
  • Mufulira Concentrator

Chambishi Metals

NFC Africa

Lumwana Copper Mine

Kansanshi Mining

Luanshya Copper Mine

Sable Zinc

Ruashi Mine – DRC

  • Agitators
  • Milling Section



 Linatex (Z) Ltd currently has 26 trained rubber lining personnel in Zambia and a further 6 rubber lining personnel located in the DRC.  The Lusanga Group currently has +/- 210 Employees across the various divisions. Linatex Zambia has an ongoing training program for rubber liners to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and product application. All personnel are trained at the Lusanga /Linatex Head Office in Chingola, Zambia to the Linatex International Training Standard. This staff component is also backed up by regular visits from Linatex Africa based in South Africa and their in-house Plant and Process Engineers.


  •  Mr. Jonathan Burns – New Business Development LTS / LTX (Z) Ltd
  • Mobile: +260 966 709 513


  • Mr. Edward Chikwemba – Manager, Service LTX (Z) Ltd
  • Mobile: +260 963 300 120

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